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Generalist predators, such as spiders, ants and ladybirds, occurred on the willows but were never observed attacking the eggs.

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In the present study, there were several willow stands with relatively low densities of both heteropteran predators and leaf beetles.

With extensive willow beds this method of control presents some difficulty, since only part of the crop could be handled in the period suggested.

The maximum difference between observed and predicted survival in willow stands was 0.053, indicating a reasonably good model fit.

A courtyard opens out, with a willow tree, and a bonsai pine.

Forest willows are surrounded by many trees and, thereby, many possible over-wintering sites.

The predator was more abundant on farmland willows and is probably the main reason for the difference in egg survival between the two habitats.

The moss was burnt off the willow stocks and in some cases the heat discoloured and even damaged the bark of the stocks.

Infestation was also reduced by burning waste hoặc over the rows of willow stocks during the dormant season.

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In each of the trăng tròn willow stands, four cages containing two males and two females were placed on randomly selected willow branches.

All willows were growing on relatively wet soils, indicating similarities in humidity.

The survival of eggs exposed lớn natural enemies was examined lớn see if predation could explain the low abundance of leaf beetles on farmland willows.

In that scenario, the de facto mặc định becomes folk music, where we endlessly 'strip the willow' in a world the economy never reaches.

Bottom-up and top-down forces in a willow leaf beetle system average number of individuals per 35-cm parts of plants containing leaves.

The ornithological fauna of high relict willows found in intermontane depressions is highly distinctive.

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