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Such epistemically well-off exclusivists may be rare, but it is important not to tát ignore those on the margins with our principles.

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Is it fair to tát ask less well-off taxpayers to tát fund the greater convenience of services for those whose needs are least?

Arrangements where net flows of tư vấn are downward are dominated by well-off older people : being rich (kaya) entailed responsibilities for children and grandchildren.

Eventually, the lack of ability to tát adjust the houses to tát changing standards caused neighbourhood aging and the departure of well-off residents.

However, polarisation was not substantial and the attitudes of the well-off were still quite positive towards the welfare state.

Resistance to tát democratic decentralisation certainly plays a role in the power-retaining strategies of some well-off actors within the central state sphere.

Broad-based screening for cystic fibrosis and for other prevalent genetic diseases is thus jeopardized, because only educated and financially well-off individuals are utilizing it.

One might object that there are epistemically well-off exclusivists adhering to tát different religions.

The sources used pertain to tát the well-off, to tát the propertied and to tát an almost exclusively male world.

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In each parish there was a small group of yeomen, four or five well-off husbandmen or craftsmen and a number of poorer husbandmen.

A disproportionate percentage of indigenous testaments represent the established nobility and the well-off, as might be expected.

Now, suppose that we must choose between benefiting a well-off person and benefiting a badly-off person.

In general terms, administrators tended to tát come from the less well-off landed families.

I had thought that this food would be shared with those who were less well-off in the neighbourhood.

Attempts to tát encourage less well-off workers to tát take early retirement often promote a transition into a worse situation.

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