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  • on November 2, 2019

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St. Johns Lutheran Church and School, Westland MI

For over 135 years, St. John’s has been serving the people of Westland. We are a group of imperfect people united by a perfect God. We come from many different walks of life, but have been given the same mission. Jesus has shown us God’s love and we want to tát share that love with the world.

Together in the Word, we discover more joy phàn nàn stress!

Connect With Us

2022-2023 School Year

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September 6th, 2022 – June 2nd, 2023

School Hours

M-F: 8:00- 3:15
Sat-Sun: Closed

For more information about St. John’s Lutheran School click below to tát visit the “Our School” section of the trang web.

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