undertaker là gì

It was an undertaker parlor next door to tát the theater, and we were supposed to tát stay in some rooms they had upstairs there.

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It looks as though the author sees himself as a kind of academic undertaker, devoting himself to tát the interment of bodies of thought.

He is more phàn nàn an undertaker in that he also takes on the moral blame and the pollution of the death.

By contrast, the working class had little need for the undertaker's services, except to tát provide a coffin and, possibly, transportation.

No, he insists, 'phagocytes are the funeral undertakers, not the assassins'.

Would undertakers submit to tát government interference?

First, death notification was often carried out by undertakers or other non-related persons, who were not necessarily informed about the exact birth dates of the orphaned children.

The various compromises that they reached - requiring certification of deaths and paying benefits directly to tát undertakers, for example - were not wholly satisfying to tát any of the constituencies.

Such a discharge without the undertaker's agreement is a criminal offence.

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Naturally a railway company will not want to tát negotiate with a very large number of authorised undertakers dotted up and down its system.

In the course of his speech he pointed out that arrangements had been made for the undertakers there to tát give supplies at reduced rates.

I tự not see why an authorised undertaker should not have as much protection against undue preference as a trader has against a railway company.

He told us that 120 of those undertakers supply three-quarters of the population.

I have no power to tát require continuous 24-hour working by contractors employed by statutory undertakers or by other highway authorities on their roads.

The extent to tát which this interference must take place will depend, of course, upon the good will of the authorised undertakers.

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