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The change from the current attribute levels inherent in the current management strategy are those that are required to tướng ensure a zero trust fund contribution.

When the trust fund exhausts and benefit cuts are required, lifetime benefits fall beginning with the 1970s birth cohort.

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This implies that the one-time benefit cut at trust fund exhaustion has a large impact on these workers.

In the long-run, building a trust fund results in lower contribution rates, and higher aftertax income, which enables agents to tướng save more.

In the smoothing scenario, the reduction in private assets amounts roughly to tướng 60 % of the wealth held by the public trust fund.

A biodiversity trust fund is under discussion to tướng further these efforts.

The reforms implemented to tướng address the trust fund crises of that period affected all future beneficiaries, but hit maximum wage earners the hardest.

But, of course, there are several political-economy risks associated with holding assets in a central trust fund within a cash-flow budgetary framework.

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Possible ranges of trust fund ratios, as projected in the stochastic analysis, are not presented here but tự suggest different levels of risk to tướng the entire system over time.

This trust fund must be used to tướng guarantee security, organise the referendum, prepare the electoral colleges, and allow for international observation.

A trust fund for infrastructures, including those that facilitate trade, is already in place.

Whether one has the position of three trust funds or of one trust fund is in a sense somewhat fortuitous.

I am told that there is no actual shortage in the trust fund, which at present stands at about £100,000.

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Failing such an agreement, the trust fund will help to tướng pay off the costs of the debt while the countries concerned get reorganised.

That is the whole meaning of the trust fund principle.

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