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In these same time periods catecholamines induce dynamic changes in the shape and branching patterns of dendrites and the growth of dendritic spines.

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Dendritic spines constitute the post-synaptic compartment of most excitatory synapses in mammalian brain.

As already noted, stingray spines apparently continue đồ sộ retain venom for some time after becoming detached from the animal.

The finch's capacity đồ sộ use spines is not inherited, but rather learned afresh by each individual.

Stigmatic clefts (fig. 12, h) very deep and narrow ; the two lateral spines long, stout and bluntly pointed ; marginal spines short, simple.

The dorsal spines of the comb are nearly as long as the ventral portion of the pronotum, while the lateral spines are quite short.

The spines are 0-012 milimet. in length and lie closely adpressed đồ sộ the toàn thân.

The dorso-lateral, lateral, and ventro-lateral regions of each segment are provided with a number of very small setae, anterior đồ sộ the rings of spines.

The spines are weaker and less numerous on the 9th abdominal segment.

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There are no spines on the first arm segment, one on the second, two on the third increasing up đồ sộ 8 or 9.

The arm spines size a người yêu thích on the proximal arm segments.

The proximal arm spines approach midradially but vì thế not size a single người yêu thích.

There are 7-8 finely rugose and flattened arm spines proximally 5-6 distally; not forming a người yêu thích on the proximal arm joints.

There are proximally 8 slightly rugose arm spines, the second dorsalmost one the largest, equal in length đồ sộ 3 segments.

An enlarged view of those spines (fig. 6 inset) show that they are located in crater-like holes in the tegument.

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