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The book is generally well-produced with references and bibliographies sensibly placed at the kết thúc of each chapter and a comprehensive index.

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The wavy core, while it persisted, was sensibly steady in position, though it grew, then appeared to lớn wane, in amplitude.

There are no private languages which would sensibly give a strictly individually personal voice to lớn the symbolic world that motivates us.

If sensibly interpreted, it could ensure that they no longer exceed their legal limit of liên hệ time with pupils.

They believe that industrialisation would occur if regional cooperation were sensibly used to lớn break away from the world market and to lớn promote regional economic development.

The writer sensibly places emphasis on knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes.

None the less, if the argument of the book is often in danger of becoming buried in its data, it is strongly and sensibly made.

This book concerns thinking sensibly about the earth, not intending to lớn provide an overview of how the earth works.

Wyles had gained a reputation for acting firmly and sensibly in male police eyes.

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It does not sparkle with new ideas and new arguments but it covers its chosen terrain soundly and sensibly.

It sensibly suggests brief training for home-care assistants in how to lớn recognise depression and what to lớn bởi about it.

Each chapter also includes useful sections on historical and biographical background, but these are sensibly kept to lớn the kết thúc.

With the external flow sensibly undisturbed, relatively large reductions in heat flux are obtained.

The book is sensibly designed and priced for a wide readership, which, one hopes, would include undergraduates.

Chapter 1 sensibly gets straight to lớn the core of the subject, with an introductory tài khoản of children's music.

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