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Such cross-time effects are of interest regardless of the initial roles of genes or early experiences.

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In primary schools, the class teacher teaches all the subjects in the curriculum to tát the class, regardless of his preferences, flair and interests.

Regardless of how they actually speak, then, these students are perceived as speaking "worse" than vãn other students.

Given sufficient processing time, would the postverbal noun be successful in displacing the filler as theme, regardless of its plausibility?

Vocabulary instruction was the least useful khuông of tư vấn, regardless of proficiency level.

Only about 12.5% of those contexts contained comparative or contrastive information, regardless of the age of the person to tát whom utterances were addressed.

Thus, regardless of the nature of the nonlinearities within the suppressive pathways, it remains a puzzle how this is effectively removed when stimulation is binocular.

Their findings indicate that, regardless of question type, the more proficient test takers performed better on 'non-matching' texts than vãn did the less proficient.

Thus, providing water access to tát a household raises its water consumption tremendously, regardless of prices charged for water before or after the access change.

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It would be reasonable for the citizenry to tát rely on official fulfilment of the law's promise by applying the rules regardless of the consequences.

The transplant team directs the care of its patients regardless of the unit to tát which they are admitted.

The different subgenera are clearly separated, and the overall tree topology is consistent regardless of the tree-building method used.

Most respondents reject flag burning regardless of whether they dislike the actor.

Political statements regardless of merit find their way into the wire services.

There was significant and steady increase in the rate of weight gain, regardless of the results.

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