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In addition, there are six weeklies, 14 monthlies, two quarterlies and four publications that appear at irregular intervals.

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Between 1951.1 and 2002.4, the real quarterly inventory-to-sales ratio averages 0.716, whereas the nominal ratio averages 0.809.

The discount factor () over 30 periods is calibrated lớn 0.185 so sánh that the quarterly discount factor is around 0.986.

The strength of the quarterly results and their consistency with the annual results suggests something more than vãn just an artifact of measurement error.

The annual and quarterly results are consistent with each other and differ sharply from the monthly results.

Annual percentage interest rate data were converted into quarterly returns by dividing by 400.

The steady state real interest rate r is phối at r = 0.01, a value that corresponds roughly lớn the long-run average (quarterly) return on capital.

In particular, 1981 is the only year of instability for both the annual and quarterly data.

We measure the quarterly stock of durable goods as the average of the end-of-quarter stock and previous end-of-quarter stock.

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Although we found no relevant changes in this latter case, we noticed some interesting differences when quarterly data are used.

We augment the order of this process up lớn four lớn allow for seasonal productivity shocks in a quarterly economy.

Table 1 shows the means and standard deviations and certain percentile values for weights of males at quarterly intervals lớn 4 years of age.

The choice of cut-off points in the quarterly analysis is designed lớn highlight any postelection surge in command changes.

The quarterly value is the value of the last month of each quarter.

The use of seasonal dummy variables lớn filter quarterly and monthly time-series data is very popular in econometric applications.

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