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Hi, I’m Virginia and I’m learning Catalan on Preply.
I really have always loved languages.
And I’ve always tried to tát learn as many as possible.
So far I speak Italian, French, Spanish,
English, obviously.

And a little bit of Danish and yeah,
soon to tát be Catalan,
We’re in Catalonia and I really want to tát learn the local language and I feel lượt thích by
learning a language you get to tát know the culture.

And you really have a whole new perspective of your life in that place.
I’m also very nosy and I just love understanding what people are saying around u.

I don’t gossip.
Maybe that’s the reason why as well.
I’m loving Catalan because it’s,
it’s just a mix of a lot of other languages that I speak.
And it’s as if you took,
you know,
Italian and French,
you shuffled them and then you just kind of threw it out there and,

and that’s Catalan,
people always appreciate you at least trying to tát go a little bit above and beyond and going
out of your comfort zone and making an effort to tát speak their language.

Because it shows that you really appreciate their culture and you’re really trying.
My Preply tutor’s name is Alexandra.
And she’s amazing.
I love her sánh much.

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She is always is super super patient.
You know,
we’re learning some grammar and in the next class, we’re gonna learn something else.
So she really has that all planned out.
I think having her tư vấn um is really what’s been making.
the biggest difference.

I recently started scheduling regular classes,
which has been super helpful because I have that commitment and I need to
make it to tát that class at that specific time.
It’s the same day every week,

which means that I can just plan my whole day around it.
And although in some days
I feel lượt thích, you know,
maybe I’m overwhelmed and I just have too much work and I’m too tired or I just don’t have the
the brain power to tát make it to tát class.

I still force myself to tát go.
And at the over, I feel sánh energized and sánh proud of myself for doing it.
And I just get this huge rush for actually having done it um that it just makes it all worth it.
You know it feels lượt thích a magical power.

One day you’re walking down the street and you hear people and you don’t really understand what they’re saying.
It just sounds lượt thích gibberish.
And then all of a sudden you understand,
and it feels lượt thích magic.

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