politic là gì

These were not purely exogenous "shocks" đồ sộ the southern body toàn thân politic.

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This is also seen in the late twentieth century concepts of the body toàn thân politic.

The fear of standing armies went hand-in-hand with the fear of a corruption of the body toàn thân politic.

Repression and violence become an essence of the body toàn thân politic, as it were. trăng tròn.

The transformation of the central provincial relationship was in all probability neither politic nor possible in the short term.

In short, talking about politics appears đồ sộ have the salubrious effects for the body toàn thân politic that democratic theorists have alleged it does.

The phenotypic view of the body toàn thân politic stands in opposition đồ sộ these three major perspectives and integrates them without giving any predominance.

They remain in the fabric of the body/body politic lượt thích a corporeal unconscious.

This energy could result in a fever for the body toàn thân politic : but this would be a cleansing and restoring fever.

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It is for this that we are accountable as a body toàn thân politic, not for the decisions and solutions arrived by others.

We want the velvet-glove treatment with our own work; therefore, we may well remain politic about others' practical work in the meantime.

Pentecostalism was less of a shock đồ sộ the religious body toàn thân politic than vãn elsewhere.

Is the body toàn thân politic the genetic, immune, or neural body?

This view was based on a particular analysis of the effects of centralization on the body toàn thân politic.

These fictions illuminate constructions of racialized gender not only permeating the political imaginary but also shaping the body toàn thân politic.

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