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He published works on mycology, plant geography, and systematics.

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In more arid lands, this was altered and seeds were planted in the bottom of 1012cm in deep furrows đồ sộ collect water.

The plant grows in wetland habitat such as seeps, mudflats, and marshes.

They create leaf petiole galls and mine the seeds of their host plant.

It is a freshwater species and is found on the surface of water plants in lakes, ponds, streams and marshes.

Efforts were being made đồ sộ allocate land đồ sộ solar power plant near industrial villages.

He ended it by simply buying the power plant.

Another proposal being considered is đồ sộ use a combined main power plant, including both nuclear and gas turbine units, on the aircraft carrier.

The power plant is currently under construction and is scheduled đồ sộ begin commercial operation in the spring of 2018.

Japanese authorities implement(ed) a đôi mươi km exclusion zone around the power plant, and the continued displacement of approximately 156,000 people as of early 2013.

The protein ricin is isolated from seeds of the castor oil plant and comprises two protein domains.

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Some hypotheses include a gourd and a castor oil plant.

Agriculture is important here with principle crops being flowers, corn, beans and castor oil plants.

Ricin - naturally occurring in castor oil plant seeds - and thallium (rat poison) are notorious for their murderous properties.

The beans of the castor oil plant are highly toxic and contain the toxin ricin.

Has any nuclear power plant built with 100% guarantee that there will not be an accident?

And you'll have a tough time getting approval đồ sộ build a nuclear power plant in your backyard.

The nuclear power plant is dangerous in terms of environmental, seismic and safety risks.

We also thought we'd have nuclear power plant islands floating off the coasts.

Radiation levels there are higher than thở at a normal nuclear power plant.

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