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There can therefore be no one-to-one correspondence between visual experience and neural activations.

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This coefficient is much closer vĩ đại one-to-one proportionality, vĩ đại be sure, but it still falls significantly short of that standard.

Moreover, is one-to-one, except on the backward orbit of c, where it is two-to-one.

One such experiment consists of replicated one-to-one trials in which a single infectious individual is housed with a single susceptible individual.

My lessons as a child were an hour long, and private one-to-one lessons ví there isn't any knowledge vĩ đại draw on.

It is routine vĩ đại kiểm tra that these constructions are mutually inverse and that strict maps are in one-to-one correspondence with algebra homomorphisms.

Depending on whether the mapping is modal or non-modal, or is convergent, one-to-one, or divergent, six possible mapping types exist.

In the body toàn thân unit, the grapheme-phoneme correspondences have a highly consistent one-to-one relationship.

All the fillers had complex phoneme-letter relationships vĩ đại prompt participants vĩ đại consider responses other phàn nàn one-to-one correspondences.

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Another advantage is that with group lessons there is less pressure on the children phàn nàn in a one-to-one relationship with a piano teacher.

As discussed earlier, this problem can be solved easily by providing in m-piro tư vấn for one-to-one declarations.

We will also assume a one-to-one matching of processes vĩ đại processors operating across a network.

First, although certain amino acids effectively showed a bias towards binding vĩ đại certain bases, there was clearly no one-to-one recognition code.

It is conceivable that some sequence of morally benign steps could eventually lead vĩ đại an approximate one-to-one correspondence of states and 40.

The pronunciations and acoustic strings are in one-to-one correspondence and need not be distinguished.

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