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My Talking Tom Friends mod apk (Money) is a fun adventure of the beloved characters from the My Talking Tom universe, with updated skills training, mini-games, household arrangements, etc. The most recognizable series of games about talking animals is updated with an application that includes two parts of the game My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, and subsequent products about Hank, Ben, Ginger, and Becca. Thus, the game talks about 6 different animals unique from each other habits and the ability to learn.

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The user is available to teach the pets all the necessary rules of etiquette, body hygiene, sleep, the art of cooking, creative activities, etc. Showing care in the game My Talking Tom Friends apk mod  is the main condition for the all-around development of children to create adult and intelligent members of society. A different daily routine is made for each, as everyone has their own set of favorite, high-priority activities.

Time will come in handy when you need to decide on the departure of the day or night sleep, in which case, even the pet itself will point it out. Physiological needs and other parameters are checked for implementation, and if necessary, the user is reminded of this. An important component of the games in the series is the ability of the characters to repeat the player’s speech at a slightly accelerated pace and pitch of voice, which creates a fun atmosphere of what is happening.

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The collection of mini-games in the application has significantly expanded, bringing its contribution to the development of popularity in the market of mobile games.

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Features My Talking Tom Friends apk:

  • Six talking pets in one custom app: Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger, and Becca;
  • The demonstration of care on the part of the user concerning the four-legged friends, capable of many domestic actions;
  • Improvement of existing skills and acquisition of new skills, designed for comfortable living in virtual locations;
  • The ability of cats and dogs to repeat the speech of a human, amusing repetition of related in an accelerated tempo and increased pitch;
  • Unique abilities of the characters, interest in various results of classes in cooking, sports achievements, creativity, etc.;
  • Creation of a kind of workshop from the pets’ dwelling to collect outlandish toys, constructions, and objects with the help of improvised means;
  • Feeling of being a designer, trying on the characters’ outfits for events and daily activities;
  • A new package of mini-games to try out the animals’ strengthened skills of agility, strength, and wit in battles with difficult puzzles;
  • Free movement between the rooms of the house, discovering new three-dimensional spaces and surprising moments;
  • Integration of the game with the YouTube service to watch themed videos with the presence of characters;
  • Purchase of necessary goods for the carefree life of the pets in a special store with virtual game currency;
  • Alternative sources of extended access to the functionality after donating real money.