máu tiếng anh là gì

Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hope rise to tướng the stars.

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Enthusiasm for the club ran high and nine days later the first general meeting was held.

Students who had enthusiastic teachers tend to tướng rate them higher than thở teachers who didn't show much enthusiasm for the course materials.

The class's enthusiasm level rose again, and they paraded on the streets to tướng publicize their upcoming fashion show.

A few of the qualities are enthusiasm, creativity, imagination, decisiveness, good judgment, and strong analytical skills.

The itch frequently erupts into pimples which, aside from being exceedingly uncomfortable, tend to tướng get their heads knocked off with consequent bloodstains on my clothing.

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The next day, gendarmerie forces stopped a suspicious minibus and discovered bloodstains and a hat in the vehicle.

The red dots are said to tướng be bloodstains honouring the martyrs of a battle fought between warring tribes.

He and the guard peeped inside the establishment and noticed that there were bloodstains on the floor.

One janitor cleans the bloodstains, the canteen and the slime in the showers.

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