jammed là gì

The machines had also mysteriously crashed and their printers had jammed in the 2007 elections.

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Poorly designed culverts are also more apt to tát become jammed with sediment and debris during medium to tát large scale rain events.

The first attempt failed when the rollers jammed up.

Can be jammed and disabled fairly easily by experienced saboteurs.

We just jammed, which is what we still vì thế today.

According to tát some reports, tickets were sold out during the opening weekend, accompanied by thousands of late viewers creating traffic jams on the streets.

Unlike the previous releases, the album is described as having edgier, techno-flavored jams, resulting in a more modern and forward-sounding effort.

The group also held an improvisational approach to tát live performances, which connected the band with jam band culture.

To date, the road network is congested about 200% above capacity, which leads to tát numerous traffic jams and high accident rates.

The brothers have stated they jammed every note out in the same room, capturing a raw energy vital to tát their sound.

There are loads of three wheelers jam-packed and carrying as many as 8 to tát 10 people; a most dangerous practice.

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If you have plans to tát be out leave early because it will be a jam-packed weekend.

And, the crowd that jam-packed the coffee cửa hàng was enough for us to tát say the singer was, indeed, was on her way to tát stardom.

The sự kiện will include a jam-packed evening of festivities including carnival amusement rides and food stalls to tát fill many a picnic basket.

The bar in the front courtyard is a jam-packed summer venue.

The tuy nhiên was inspired by a traffic jam their tour bus was in.

On the contrary, if the network has a ring-like structure, since every node take same role for transportation there is no traffic jam of flow.

A crowd of onlookers gathered, and soon spilled out onto the avenue, causing a huge traffic jam.

But a traffic jam is a separate and distinct entity that emerges from those individual behaviors.

In fact, the traffic jam is due to tát a tank truck that has toppled over and is blocking the road.

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