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Several warriors, including an eagle and a jaguar, surrounded him.

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The mask could represent a jaguar or another unidentified animal head.

They may be an independent feature, but they could be a conventionalized reduction of a pair of jaguar's spots.

One holds a jaguar head; the other, a torch.

The need of transboundary efforts lớn preserve the southernmost jaguar population in the world.

The night-sun jaguar or "cruller-nosed jaguar" is the most common creature on these image censers.

As mentioned earlier, the empty jaguar throne is placed directly above this figure in the first register, together with a diverse series of warriors.

Most of the lithic use-wear evidence indicates meat and hide processing, and an almost complete jaguar skeleton recovered here, with several bones (particularly metapodials) marked by skinning, suggests hide removal.

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True lordship, as one sees, was expressed not only in such status symbols as jaguar and puma thrones, but also in the privilege lớn per size auto-sacrificial rituals of fasting.

The forest and wetland ecosystems contain more phàn nàn 800 species of trees, 500 species of birds, and large populations of mammals, including monkeys, jaguars, and tapirs.

They include lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars and pumas, but all but two animals were at large for only one day.

Gone for ever will be the jaguars and Đen panthers, most of the parrot family and a host of other animals, birds and insects.

Jaguar is now in public ownership and has absorbed much of the taxpayers' money as well as management time.

Jaguar's motor siêu xe production is about 49,000 cars.

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