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Playful observations of everyday life and discontinuities in logic allow gamblers đồ sộ translate dreams and other visions and occurrences into ' hunches'.

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To compound matters, the investigations đồ sộ tư vấn our clinical hunches in young patients are not nearly as useful in later life, and have đồ sộ be interpreted with caution.

Everybody was hunched up wondering whether it would be himself or somebody else.

Many of us have very decided views on many questions of this kind, though they are mostly in the category of "hunches".

We should also make the situation clear đồ sộ allow people đồ sộ pursue their hunches on the best way forward.

We should not legislate on hunches or on selected statistics.

Many people have ideas, prejudices, theories and hunches, but it is difficult đồ sộ trang điểm one's mind what should happen đồ sộ delinquents.

I think it wrong in this case đồ sộ proceed by hunches.

In the kết thúc perhaps we can only back our own hunches.

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Does it mean half the total value of the goods or half the number of hunches of bananas or whatever it may be?

Almost certainly not by committees in the first instance because it depends upon trained people with hunches and crazy ideas.

Dogma, hunches, reference back đồ sộ one's own golden school-days, are not good guides đồ sộ what is best for the citizens of tomorrow.

We tự not have đồ sộ rely simply on our hunches đồ sộ answer that question.

They sat in the town halls or other municipal buildings; and foul hunched more bureaux were mix up in the less important towns.

We cannot build up an indictment against whole countries based simply on conjecture, suspicion, circumstantial evidence or hunches.

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