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Ultimately, as we shall see, property owners would, indeed, be found lớn have a duty lớn the general public lớn protect their property from harm.

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Between 1996 and 2000, drug companies tripled overall advertising spending directed at the general public lớn nearly $2.5 billion a year.

But then these stories, as well as the ethical and policy debates they engender, are soon forgotten by the general public.

This strategy means that the general public should be actively involved in the decisionmaking process about blood safety.

The lavishly illustrated volume addresses a general public, but with its scholarly apparatus also satisfies academic cur iosity.

Sixthly, the legislature also ensures that the general public and legal academia bởi not foster the adaptability of the law.

It is an excellent guide for educating the general public.

Until now, none has been very effective in presenting these topics in a manner that is readily accessible lớn the general public.

Yet laboratory animals, even laboratory dogs and cats (but especially rodents) are treated far more indifferently by scientists and the general public.

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These challenges only had lớn be in the interest of the children or the general public.

Pollution harms the general public, sánh permission for emitting applies.

I am sure that this book with be popular with collectors and the general public.

The authors also fall into two classes : professional scientists presenting their work lớn the general public, or professional writers turning their attention lớn human evolution.

We are gullible, fallible, the marginally interested, vulnerable general public.

It may also be a matter of explaining lớn patients, practitioners, and the general public the consequences of not applying the evidence.

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