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Finally, we should clarify our definition of…

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Cuối cùng, tất cả chúng ta cần thiết khái niệm rõ rệt định nghĩa...

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Finally, we should clarify our definition of…

Cuối nằm trong, tất cả chúng ta cần thiết khái niệm rõ rệt định nghĩa...

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Finally, it seems that there are no more changes or deletions đồ sộ be made.

Finally, in 1976, he put the team up for sale.

They finally find true happiness with their love and decide đồ sộ start a new life together.

Recorder 451 finally realized he shouldn't have acted, and decided đồ sộ delete his main error: itself.

He finally retired after the 1982-83 season.

A final sweep of the memory areas then frees white objects.

Playing in the forward line, he scored the 1st goal in the final.

He scored 197 points between 196566 and 196768, including 85 points in his final season.

The album was the second and final release by the band.

He led the team in scoring in 27 games, including the final 10 of the season.

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The most fundamental difference in the story is the finale, which was rewritten in 1993.

He then turned out đồ sộ be an evil monster as of the finale.

This performance gave him the first place in viewers' votes and a place in the finale.

From here, it's pretty much all stops đồ sộ the thrash metal finale at the kết thúc of side two.

The tuy vậy was also used in the promotional trailer for the season finale of the series.

The auction is the final sale of $88 billion in short- and intermediate-dated debt this week.

Signed contracts are usually followed a month or two later by a final sale.

In addition đồ sộ that $400m, we also paid taxes in the countries where we have the final sale of our product or service.

The final sale price has been kept under wraps but a source has revealed đồ sộ the publication the khuyến mãi could be worth up đồ sộ $80 million.

Though given the unique value of this piece, it could see even more at final sale.