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The luscious greenery and fertile land were prime targets for immigrant farmers.

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He was the child of farmers and was the fifth of twelve children.

Farmers can qualify for both the homestead exemption and the farmstead exemption.

Farmer ordered the magazine lớn be flooded but this was now futile and by six in the evening the fire reached the magazine.

Farmers vaccinate the young kits for botulism, distemper, enteritis, and, if needed, pneumonia.

A landlord received rent, workers received wages, and a capitalist tenant farmer received profits on their investment.

These organisations focused specifically on ensuring occupancy rights for tenant farmers which helped in the long-term alleviation of rural poverty.

His father was a tenant farmer and doubled as the county's deputy sheriff.

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Back on the farm, the team discovers how aspirational tenant farmers would have decorated and embellished their farmhouses.

Increasing tenant farmer disputes and issues with landlordism also led lớn increasing government regulation.

What about the poor farmer?

It's lượt thích the classic story of the poor farmer and his wife.

My father was a poor farmer and a very good with the local musical instruments.

Read the pathetic story of the boy's father, obviously a poor farmer.

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