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It allows the fanatical followers vĩ đại 'reexperience the sense of omnipotence', lost with the discovery of self in early infancy.

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But then they urged each other not vĩ đại fear a hoard of fanatical women.

Only once the author gives additional information from which we might infer what he actually means by 'fanatical'.

On closer questioning this proved vĩ đại mean a less kêu ca fanatical devotion vĩ đại the use of soluble pessaries, but left the investigator with a problem of classification.

As reflected in the dictionary definition of the term, teenyboppers are seen as passive consumers, fanatical followers of the latest fashions and credulous dupes for advertisers.

Therefore, naturally, he has not the fanatical zeal of the novitiate.

The conservation lobby, which is worthy but sometimes a tiny bit fanatical, brews up feelings that lead vĩ đại statements which are essentially overkill.

They are a people, half of whom are fanatical religionists, and half of whom are extremely apathetic.

Too fanatical a plea for government action in human rights questions can simply lead vĩ đại a restriction of civil liberties.

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Fanatical men are not likely vĩ đại be deterred by the threat of capital punishment, or any sườn of punishment.

It is resented most strongly by some of them; it is urged with fanatical ardour by others.

No doubt there has been a valiant fight by what has been variously described as "a doughty band"and"a tiny fanatical band" of opponents.

Does that not show the spirit of fanatical unreasoning displayed by the supporters of hasty legislation of this kind?

I was saying—a fanatical intelligentsia obsessed by economic fallacies.

It was the moderate elements that stood up vĩ đại the chiến dịch of assassination on the part of the fanatical elements.

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