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Initial criticisms were based on eyewitness records of the consequences of limited relief.

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This sort of indexical relationship, or seeming to tướng be one, underlies the argumentative power of forensic evidence and eyewitness identifications.

Based on the author's iconographic interpretation of the garden, it draws on original eyewitness descriptions of the effects of water, light and sounds.

In the final section, we examine the memory interview and explore social and contextual factors that have been found to tướng influence children's eyewitness memory reports.

Eyewitness accounts also assist the development of the mental imagery needed to tướng reconstruct the progression of events in one's own mind.

For obvious reasons, the history from the patient may be unsatisfactory and eyewitness reports must be sought.

This helps explain the vast number of eyewitness accounts published as pamphlets or in the periodical press.

In the legal accounting of truth the eyewitness is allimportant.

How is one to tướng pass judgment on someone accused of fornication without having four male eyewitnesses?

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In respect to tướng regions beyond the purview of eyewitnesses it is simply impossible to tướng calculate mortality.

So he was not an eyewitness and is therefore merely reporting what he had been told.

Here the eyewitness and interview material is very full and rich.

As both declared to tướng write as eyewitnesses, the texts are mutually exclusive.

It relies on an accurate trương mục of the sự kiện either from the patient or an eyewitness.

We need the interviews, the eyewitness accounts, the thoughts of the participants.

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