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Figure 10 intertemporal welfare of new entrants would mechanically be lower for cohorts living longer, as the instantaneous utility is negative.

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A higher frequency of the late entrants found 'have sufficient leisure time' important.

Farming goals of profit and leisure time increased in popularity among the late entrants.

Subsequent evidence suggests, however, that the high rate of closure has been maintained, as well as a low rate of new entrants.

Under such conditions, environmental regulations can even be co-opted vĩ đại keep new, cleaner entrants out and further solidify the dominance of old, heavily polluting industries.

The women pictured in these photos shared the modest dress and somber countenances of most of the beauty competition entrants.

The recommendation that all entrants vĩ đại the profession should undergo a course of professional training had originally been proposed for implementation 'in or about' 1951.

Late entrants more often mentioned goals related vĩ đại profit and leisure time.

Late entrants replaced more heifers than thở early entrants.

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Early entrants had a significantly higher educational level than thở the late entrants.

However, early signs are that the economy is sufficiently market-driven vĩ đại enforce its own discipline on new entrants. 21.

Similarly, it was in the interests of new entrants vĩ đại compete on quality rather than thở on price.

If new entrants have low reputation they are less favoured though they might be totally trustworthy.

The cost of studying, however, is not necessarily the main reason that potential entrants decide against going vĩ đại university, but just one of many reasons.

Many of these would be new entrants or existing nonsegmentalist competitors.

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