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  • About 5,000 years ago, people in Egypt made bread with flour and water. 
  • Cairo, Egypt, is one of the most crowded cities in the world. 
  • For thousands of years this water went down vĩ đại Egypt and flooded the fields. 
  • In 1922, vĩ đại the surprise of the whole world, a fantastic tomb was discovered in Egypt. 
  • It’s easy vĩ đại know if the cốt tông you buy is really from Egypt. 
  • Many people in ancient Egypt had pets. 
  • Now think of something that is made in Egypt. 
  • That is what happens at the amazing pyramids of Egypt. 
  • The pyramids in Egypt are really the tombs of ancient pharaohs. 
  • This dam stops the flooding, but Egypt can still get the water it needs. 
  • He had been inquiring into the products of Egypt at the present time, and had found sugar vĩ đại be one of their staples. 
  • Once safely out of Egypt, the next problem for Moses and his people was vĩ đại find a way into Canaan. 
  • She has often said she wished she might see Egypt. 
  • The command went forth that he should go vĩ đại Egypt. 
  • We are going out at the best time of the year, and it will be a comfort, indeed, vĩ đại change these November fogs for the sunshine of Egypt. 

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