dream nghĩa là gì

The two entities claim this area of darkness is filled with pleasing childhood dreams, which they despise.

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One night in her dream, she envisioned something wrapped under a tree of the jungle.

Always looking for an angle, he is a precocious youngster with dreams of grandeur.

The delicate and deep playing, the almost immaterial sound carried the audience into a dimension of dream.

His future dream is đồ sộ rule the world.

Who wants đồ sộ look at people staring dreamingly into wine glasses for 90 minutes?

The only thing that staved us off from getting hooked đồ sộ those day-dream fables is the size of the display.

He described the ruling party's 1.5 million vote target in the region as a day-dream.

But short of public commitment đồ sộ hold themselves and their leaders accountable, the desired change will remain a day-dream regardless of who comes đồ sộ power.

All inmates suffered from psychological phenomena đồ sộ some extent: obsessive thoughts of food, paranoia, delusions, day-dreams, lack of self-control.

The dumpyard is now manicured, saplings growing into trees that offer shade đồ sộ rest and day-dream.

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Yes, unfulfilled desires last a lifetime, fuel fantastic dreams, poetry, paintings, and epic stories.

Sometimes, she pinches herself đồ sộ be sure that this unending journey s not a fantastic dream from which she would soon wake up.

It seemed lượt thích some amazing, fantastic dream.

But this is a fantastic dream.

She was the kind of excec that you dream about working with.

Dream about what the world could be -- then help make it happen.

How will we grow as a people if all our children can dream about is this wall?

If you dream about going đồ sộ places you've never been, it's not a sign that you need a holiday, although it might be that too.

How common is it for people đồ sộ dream about politics or politicians?

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