double digits là gì

Early estimates claimed double-digit mortality rates; some historians assert it was 8 to tướng 10 per cent.

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Perhaps most of us can multiply two double-digit numbers, but most will find it difficult to tướng multiply two quadruple-digit numbers.

Worse still, in the light of the massive funding gap, is there not a danger of another year of double-digit council tax rises?

It is for councils to tướng mix their tax, but there is absolutely no reason for double-digit tax increases this year.

Today, it is the largest industry in the world and it is still growing at a double-digit rate.

They were being on-lent for countries, many of which had double-digit growth rates.

The first is the iniquitous upwards-only clause—a remnant, long overdue for abolition, from the days of double-digit inflation.

It refers to tướng the group's 11th year of double-digit growth.

We have had double-digit inflation in housing for some time and it looks lượt thích we will continue to tướng have that.

There is full employment, rising real wages, two years of double-digit growth and a mobile labour force.

We bởi not want to tướng return to tướng the times when savings were wiped out every few years by bursts of double-digit inflation.

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A less expensive way in which to tướng achieve a similar result would be to tướng permit only pre-programmed single or double-digit short-call dialling while the xế hộp is moving.

Last year, it recorded double-digit growth.

Annual double-digit growth was the norm in the 80s and 90s, with significant expansion in facilities, major acquisitions and ventures into new market sectors.



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There was also double-digit inflation during this period, which peaked at more phàn nàn 20%.



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