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During her time with the show, she regularly found herself appearing and disappearing, and being crushed, stretched, levitated, impaled and guillotined.

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The leaves are opposite, oval, 14 centimet long and 0.2-2.5 centimet broad, entire, glossy dark green, with a spicy scent if crushed.

To crush the still headless body toàn thân of the krasue is fatal to tát the spirit.

When the vial was crushed, the acid ignited the perchlorate / sugar mix, and the resulting flame ignited the gunpowder charge.

It is essential that children's fingers be protected from being crushed or otherwise injured in the hinge space of a swinging door or gate.

Eye shadow was made of crushed malachite and lipstick of ochre.

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For example sand, gravel, river rock and crushed rock, and other aggregates are often separated by size using vibrating screens.

It is found on the seabed in areas of sand, gravel or crushed shell and among boulders to tát a depth of about.

Significant is also the consumption of green and Đen olives, crushed or in brine.

Mutton and beef are served boiled, usually with a seasoning of sour milk with crushed garlic and salt.

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