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Finally, the fifth example of 'cosmic convergence ' is provided by the convergent origin of hydrospheres and atmospheres.

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We conjecture that the phenomenon of convergent evolution can be extended to tát the cosmic level.

The interstellar medium provides yet another illustration of convergent phenomena that occur at a cosmic level.

Besides these conservation laws, an equation is required to tát describe the coupling between the cosmic rays and the thermal plasma.

A handful of cases will suffice to tát illustrate the increased use of energy mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa among a spectrum of systems in successive phases of cosmic evolution.

Rather, the new science of astrobiology is concerned with understanding the cosmic context of the origin and evolution of life.

There is no evidence of a cosmic intruder of sufficient size to tát be lethal.

The predictions on extent and duration of cosmic ray emissions vary and are dependent upon the distance of the sự kiện.

Through transforming the universe, astroethics can have cosmic consequences.

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To effect the breakthroughs that are ví important in cosmic history, it took a lot of luring!

I argue that such a look reveals that many-lives schemes provide the best hope for cosmic justice.

The number densities of the ionized species is usually computed in terms of the ionization rate of the cosmic rays.

The model comprises a thermal plasma and cosmic rays.

Recapulating our results, there are two generic structure of cosmic-ray-modified shocks: continuous and discontinuous transitions.

We assume that the ionized states in the cloud due to tát cosmic ray bombardment are low.

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