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This constitution was developed through constitutional history and its evolution.

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The constitution weakened the powers of the head of state by canceling his absolute veto.

Some anti-federalists continued vĩ đại fight the issue after the constitution had been ratified, and threatened the entire nation with another constitutional convention.

Hessian constitution allows for continued operation of the previous government in case of a hung parliament.

Of a sensitive and delicate constitution, she was sickly in her childhood and her education was neglected.

Males constitute 49.98% of the population, and females 50.02%.

Males constitute 56% of the population and females 44%.

Males constitute 51.09% of the population, and females 48.91%.

Males constitute 47% of the population and females 53%.

Males constitute 63% of the population and females 37%.

In deciding questions of constitutional law, judicially-restrained jurists go vĩ đại great lengths vĩ đại defer vĩ đại the legislature.

Within this consultative toàn thân, styled as quasi-parliament and formed mostly on the corporative basis, he was particularly active working on the new constitutional laws.

Inevitably the despicable use of preventive detention replaces the constitutional guarantees of personal liberty.

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Simultaneously, a decree published in the press announced the declaration of a state of siege, which entailed the suspension of constitutional rights.

Any further clarification of popular intent must come through the process of constitutional amendment, not by the imaginings of this court.

A constitutional monarchy is far better than thở a republic.

They make people feel they should ask for their rights -- not just a constitutional monarchy, but entrenching their rights in a document.

Testosterone would likely not have yielded ví placidly vĩ đại inevitable transformation into constitutional monarchy.

Thailand has seen 18 actual or attempted coups since it became a constitutional monarchy in 1932.

The institution of constitutional monarchy that we have today is precious.

Repeal of the anti-constitutional treatment of outstanding financial obligations vĩ đại the state as offence in the act (in flagrante delicto).

The controversial and anti-constitutional agenda outlined in the speech sparked outrage among lawmakers.

Such anti-constitutional actions deserve condemnation.

Attempts are being made vĩ đại capture and use state institutions for anti-constitutional purposes (such as the factional intrigue in state intelligence).

The committee rendered more than thở 40 candidates ineligible for the legislative elections on the grounds they may be các buổi party vĩ đại "anti-constitutional change damaging vĩ đại the principle of democratic transition".

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