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This paper calls into question notions of what it means to tướng be a competent communicator in the virtual world.

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To the extent that social salience produces new categories quickly or precedent calls to tướng mind preexisting (whole or partial) categories, precedent is an efficient communicator.

A communicator is essentially specified by a finite nesting of experiments with a read () or write i at the innermost level.

The communicative skills and competencies of future international and intercultural communicators remain strong motivators of research in business language liên hệ.

In addition, a window of 3 to tướng 4 words may be insufficient to tướng reveal the attitude of the communicator.

However, there was no difference in the amount of maintaining attention between the adult communicators.

A good communicator masters the subject, the language, and the medium, and understands the audience.

He was a good communicator and could present scientific information clearly and spoke with apparent ease, though he would be thoroughly prepared.

It suggests that nurses are seen as good communicators, who spend time with patients and give them adequate information on their illnesses.

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Some are natural communicators; others can be 'lost for words'.

In such cases, the communicator has to tướng formulate everything on his own.

If the medium itself changes the ways in which communication takes place, what does it mean to tướng be a competent communicator in a virtual world?

The vertical surface, the wall, is used as an effectively symbolic communicator.

For example, as mentioned above, one assumption made manifest by any utterance or other act of ostensive communication is that the communicator is alive.

With the new technology, interactants must arrange themselves in order to tướng see and be seen (to be par ticipants as both audience and communicator).

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