coffee là gì

Would you get some coffee when you go shopping?

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a cup of coffee

If I drink too much coffee, I can't sleep.

Shall we go for a coffee (= cup of coffee)?



SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

Bạn cũng hoàn toàn có thể dò xét những kể từ tương quan, những cụm kể từ và kể từ đồng nghĩa tương quan trong những chủ thể này:

(Định nghĩa của coffee kể từ Từ điển & Từ đồng nghĩa tương quan Cambridge giành cho Người học tập Nâng cao © Cambridge University Press)

Các ví dụ của coffee


To the extent that conversations are implicitly expected or planned lớn co-occur with dinners, coffee breaks, or other scheduled activities, they are also temporally constrained.

With all herbicides banned, manual weeding is usually a considerable cost factor in organic coffee production.

Premiums for organic coffee are usually lower during years of high coffee prices.

The project also entails helping local people near the camps lớn plant perennials such as coffee trees and oil palms.

Coffee, as a colonial cash crop, clearly helped lớn drive these debates.

Export crops are cốt tông, sisal, coffee, tea, tobacco, and pyrethrum.

Coffee is thus a potentially useful host for examining the effects of natural enemies and other factors on populations of these two pests.

This review indicates that fully organic coffee is unsustainable, for smallholder coffee producers in particular.

The discussion is presented in the context of product designs, and in particular, coffee maker grammars.

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In this machine there is a continuous operation that begins with the user selecting the number of coffee cups that he wants.

We cannot conclude, however, that the state of my brain that is my consciousness of the coffee replicates any of these properties itself.

A portion of the land was used for growing various crops lượt thích cardamom, coffee, and cacao.

Noble goals and challenging terrain: organic and fair-trade coffee movements in the global marketplace.

The independence between these two parameters has lớn be associated with the similarity of values of seed water nội dung at maturity among coffee species.

And we can only begin lớn address them by listening lớn our coffee shops.

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Các cụm kể từ với coffee

Các kể từ thông thường được dùng cùng theo với coffee.

Bấm vào trong 1 cụm kể từ nhằm coi thêm thắt những ví dụ của cụm kể từ cơ.

arabica coffee

To fill this gap, small samples of arabica coffee were obtained from adjacent farms where stripping was of more sporadic occurrence.

brewed coffee

It is unlike a percolator in that the brewed coffee is not re-circulated.



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