cap tiếng anh là gì

The base is composed of, among other elements, microfilaments, while the cap is composed of cap tubules.

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The caps are white, and covered with scalesthis is the origin of the common names of the fungus.

The caps on her teeth had fallen out.

There are sometimes lamellulae (short gills that vì thế not reach the cap).

The shake roof is crowned by a tall, narrow wood ventilator with a gabled cap that runs perpendicular vĩ đại the main roof ridgeline.

The 19-year-old is another who already has senior caps.

Typing in caps on a diễn đàn is the same as shouting.

Among large caps, majority of the pharma stocks are pretty balanced in terms of valuation.

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We've got a number of new caps going.

Caps come vĩ đại mind - a team that had talented offensive personnel that simply didn't play a good possession game.

By the time a child graduates from college, she may have already sported a cap and gown at least five previous times!

She will wear her normal cap and gown and carry a sign whose words she would not divulge before the fact.

I had vĩ đại go find my cap and gown.

But school officials took his cap and gown away from him and barred him from the stage.

But students tweeted pictures of the young artist carrying her mattress in her cap and gown vĩ đại confirm she was allowed vĩ đại finish her undergraduate thesis.

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