calming là gì

Calm cút với giới kể từ gì? “Calm for” hoặc “calm about”? là thắc mắc của không ít người khi tham gia học giờ Anh. Bài ghi chép này, Ngolongnd tiếp tục trả lời vướng mắc của chúng ta.

Calm cút với giới kể từ gì? "Calm for" hoặc "calm about"?
Calm cút với giới kể từ gì? “Calm for” hoặc “calm about”?

Calm Tiếng Anh là gì?

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Tính từ

Êm đềm, lặng dông (thời tiết); lặng, ko nổi sóng (biển)

Bình tĩnh, điềm tĩnh

  • keep calm
    hãy bình tĩnh
  • calm down!
    hãy bình tĩnh!

(thông tục) trơ tráo, vô liêm sỉ, ko biết xấu xa hổ

  • it is pretty calm of him
    thằng phụ thân khá trơ tráo
  • in a calm sea every man is a pilot
    lửa demo vàng, nguy hiểm demo sức
  • as calm as a cat
    êm nhẹ nhõm như mèo

Danh từ

Sự lặng yên, sự êm ả ả

Sự điềm đạm, sự tỉnh bơ, sự thư thái (tâm hồn)

Thời kỳ yên tĩnh ổn định (xã hội, (chính trị)

Động từ
Làm vơi cút, thực hiện êm ả đi; thực hiện tách (đau)

  • Trầm tĩnh lại
    calm yourself!
  • hãy trấn tĩnh lại!
    Dịu cút, êm ả cút, nguôi đi; lặng (biển)
  • the sea calmed down
    biển lặng dần

Calm cút với giới kể từ gì?

calm + about

I can’t be calm about this.

calm + down

He calmed down fairly soon and saidEdithhave some news for you.”

Độ thịnh hành của giới kể từ theo đuổi sau Calm

In 25% of cases calm in is used

Our dogs are calm in our house.

The energy was calm in the room.

He sold Obama as calm in a storm.

To mount a challenge this season we need someone that’s a bit calmer in front of goal.

Appeasing pheromones also help some cats stay calm in stressful situations, Stilwell says.

Since we all could use more calm in our lives, I looked around my house to find things I’d started &; hadn’t finished.

Has the vet checked her for any problems she may be having regarding pain? He may advise using a calmer in her feed.

With Girardi, you can’t ever tell, but, if it was anything, I’d sure that things wouldn’t be so calm in the clubhouse.

This will at least bring some peace and calm in those groups who bởi this, enough for them vĩ đại relax and breathe freely.

In 13% of cases calm about is used

But I can’t be calm about this.

I am very calm about all of it.

Randa was very calm about it all.

I made sure to empty my pot beforehand sánh as vĩ đại be as calm about seeing her as possible.

However, if you did it at the end of a week on the slopes you’d be much calmer about it.

I’ve been pretty calm about our poor start but it is clear the vets just can’t get it done.

My husband has always been fairly calm about it, but my growing preoccupation had begun to cause him difficulty, too.

Hughton? Scott Brown It is interesting really isn’t it? Whelan seems far too calm about the prospect of losing his manager.

I’ve felt pretty calm about this until about two weeks ago when I discovered my GP hadn’t been sent the results of my tests.

We therefore, direct millions of our supporters vĩ đại be calm about these elements, which have nothing to show except cheap lies.

In 11% of cases calm for is used

It didn’t seem very calm for the baby.

I felt calm for the first time in a long time.

Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.

I was grateful she couldn’t see my terror and knew I needed vĩ đại stay very calm for her sake.

It will be too calm for pike fishing or the next day I’ll be saying it’s just too darned windy.

This one was too calm for it vĩ đại be a missing toddler, too young for it vĩ đại be a runaway teenager.

All you’d need is vĩ đại retain large fossil fuel plants for the 5-10% of the time when wind was calm for a week or more.

There was a dead calm for a moment, followed by tremendous roar that would have rattled a wine glass on a glass table.

I need to stay cool for just one evening as I’d going vĩ đại Beijing the next day and would lượt thích vĩ đại be calm for the flight.

The long-term way out of this dilemma is not just vĩ đại have calm for few months or years, but rather a long-term solution.

In 8% of cases calm with is used

Nigerians should be calm with him.

The waters are visibly calm without currents.

The next day, the sea was calm with sunshine.

Must be given time and try to be very calm with him, that her steps are short but forward.

To understand apparent wind, think of yourself standing outside in a dead calm with no wind.

But be aware that this was during May’s neap tide and the sea was calm with very small waves.

The sun was shining and the seas were calm with a comfortable water temperature ranging from 23- 27 degrees celcius.

He did kick out a few times but I just stayed calm with him and didn? t push it too much as I wanted vĩ đại gain his trust.

Thankfully the sun shone for most of the day, and the water was calm with a pleasant temperature of about 14degrees Celsius.

A player who is usually so calm with such an immaculate touch was rushed hasty and had the touch of electrons with the same charge.

In 7% of cases calm at is used

First, you must be calm at all times.

He remains as calm at the end as at the beginning.

Currently, conditions are calmer at around đôi mươi knots.

Consequently, the YTD inflation appeared vĩ đại be calmer at 6.

But he got off the school bus by himself and was calm at home.

The West End is calm at night with restaurants which are wholly empty.

He seems very calm at the board and plays whatever he feels is correct.

It is very important vĩ đại remember that the mind has vĩ đại be calm at that time.

It is very calm at the center of a storm – perhaps you have experienced it.

Our mind loses the peace and loses the power of being calm at difficulties.

In 7% of cases calm on is used

I was actually quite calm on race morning.

It was much calmer on that particular path.

Ten years later, there is calm on the surface.

We’re like sort of ducks, very calm on the surface with little feet going under the water.

He was calm on the ball and looked vĩ đại keep his passing simple when he picked it up from Krul.

And sánh it is, if we know the secrets of the celestial phenomena, we will be calm on the Earth.

BBC Wales weather presenter Sue Charles said it would be much calmer on Friday – mostly fine with sunny spells and a few showers.

Raul Alonso Jimenez scored the 1-1 goal for America in the 39th minute, momentarily keeping everyone calm on the Americanista bench.

The feeling of this practice is somewhere deep on the left side of my heart, which I feel the strongest when I am calm on busy days.

The situation is reported vĩ đại be calm on Monday afternoon after the skirmish subsided and the area is under the control of Somali and Kenyan forces.

In 3% of cases calm after is used

My name is Calm After the Storm.

I am called Calm After the Storm.

I am much calmer after reading this site for a couple of months.

A woman had felt much calmer after meeting the nurse at the hospital.

What the long-run is saying is that the sea will be calm after the storm.

Constable Jason Blackbourn said Jasper was calmer after speaking vĩ đại police.

Secondly, it was a surprise she could remain so calm after commiting a crime.

Those people are a lot calmer after an eight-rebound performance in the second meeting on Friday.

She remained calm until I remembered that I had ticked the ‘ Male ‘ box on her form — she wasn’t so calm after that.

On the ninth conversation, Calm After the Storm was joined by a Fellow Pe-Ellian whom he introduced vĩ đại Thorndyke as Fire-sticks.

In 3% of cases calm under is used

Neace had been working for a heel hook, but Sandro was calm under attack.

Again, it’s calm under duress and doesn’t baulk when you layer some more on.

Not premeditating and being calm under pressure are things that can be coached.

He is very calm under pressure, sánh is perfectly positioned at the back of the group.

You need to be calm under pressure and there’s considerable skill in doing it well, sánh I.

Although you have tiny wound in your track lighting, as long as it is calm under the warranty, you should go to the cửa hàng where you bought it.

The Poles were calm under pressure with Karol Skowerski and Wojciech Szewcyk improving with each match and finishing some challenging run-outs.

A Successful applicants will be easy going individuals who are calm under pressure and able to interact easily with existing members of the admin team and community members.

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You might expect a fighter pilot vĩ đại be calm under pressure, but Green also possesses a remarkable gift for public speaking and expressing complex concepts in a simple manner.

In 3% of cases calm of is used

The dead calm of Alake’s face kept her from asking any questions.

Even in the calmest of rural existences there can be tragedy and hardship.

He only lifts u up and is the calmer of all storms (no pun intended! ha!).

Very rarely brings high already been calm of this type are anticipating out automobile accident.

These are usually in aspect or advance backpack anniversary of accouterment ambiance or even calm of the mood.

The Ghosts Give u the storm and stress of thought and action rather than vãn the dead calm of ignorance and faith.

With Shafik, few are holding their breath for reform as he tries vĩ đại evoke nostalgia for the **26;1570;TOOLONG calm of the old days.

From the mysteriously placid waters of the bay to the dead calm of the night air, an eerie stillness gripped the place — even the sea and sky.

I no longer felt lượt thích an expert of anything in particular but rather a juggler of priorities, a negotiator of budgets, a calmer of angry clients.

Give u a hope I can lean on ‘ Cos I’ll bend in the calmest of winds Give u more than vãn dreams for u to dream on My jury’s in, coming in, coming in.

In 3% of cases calm during is used

It was fab! He was even calmer during the day as well.

It does not mean that he wasn’t calm during the situation.

The reason for this is because wind is calmest during these two times of the day.

He said he remained calm during the incident, and that’s exactly what his story portrays.

The best time for diving is from November vĩ đại April as the seas are calmest during this period.

She found herself somewhat calmer during and after Dhuhr? al? h but the feeling didn’t last long.

The outdoor terrace is usually pretty calm during the week, and is perfect for a quiet summer drink.

A person with dementia may be calm during the day but become agitated in the evening, sometimes quite dramatically.

In the beginning any noise, discomfort or thought will break it up, especially if the mind has not been calm during the day.

I need to be very, very calm during this final procedure in exactly the same way expected of u when dealing with a medical emergency.

In 2% of cases calm before is used

Wait until he is calm before trying again.

The rally had been calm before the clashes.

And this definitely felt lượt thích the calm before the storm.

If you become angry, wait until you are calm before resuming the conversation.

Ian Kable Yeah, except the streets were dead calm before the organized assault.

Baby must be calm before going to bed Well as adults, crying may send us vĩ đại sleep.

Wait until you’re calm before discussing it with them, and bởi sánh in a way that shows your love and concern rather than vãn anger.

If your toddler is facing changes such as a new school, a new sibling, or travel, you may want vĩ đại wait till the seas are calmer before taking the plunge.

November 28, 2004 Calm before the storm Having served his four-year qualification period Pietersen is immediately called up vĩ đại make his debut against Zimbabwe.

To help your child relax when it’s time to sleep and associate bedtime with safety and comfort, be sure they have a sleep routine that helps them vĩ đại slow down and be calm before bed.

In 2% of cases calm as is used

He is so calm as an attacking midfielder.

His inner being was calm as the deep sea.

He became calmer as the months went by.

In the November 21 Gọi, Kourtney is calm as a.

Inside everything was calm as the yacht became lượt thích a cork bobbing gently on the ocean.

Always make sure that you bởi not mix drink with thrill and also be calm as to respect your teo travelers.

Dressed in a dark suit, he smiled and appeared calm as he entered the court and gave a closed-fist salute.

Mentally, it’s been shown that increased physical activity will make you happier and calmer as well as increase your sexual desire.

BL has also once mentioned vĩ đại u that a trader need to be a bit more calm as a trade can swing widely, in response vĩ đại an tin nhắn I’ve sent questioning the position of a trade.

In 2% of cases calm around is used

He is quite calm around people so.

Play it cool, and even if you make mistakes, always be calm around her.

He had a kind of calmness that was infectious, and people tended vĩ đại be calmer around him.

I lượt thích crafting when it’s calm around me — not hundreds of people running around and chatting loudly.

It’s not about riding the horse, that’s secondary, the first thing is that you’re calm around the horse.

It surely has helped her be calmer around other dogs even though she does not want vĩ đại socialize with them.

Once your snake recognises your scent and understands that you are not a threat, then it will usually be more calm around you.

It had been calm around here for about a week and then this morning I was getting an outfit out of the closet for work and there was one on my pants.

Charlie has gotten much better at being calm around the child and now walks cautiously vĩ đại the little boy when we are all out side, once he sniffed the little boys butt.

In 1% of cases calm from is used

So I’d calm from that point of view.

In 1% of cases calm despite is used

The đô thị was calm despite the fires, with no panic reported.

He managed vĩ đại stay pretty calm despite the obvious attempts vĩ đại wind him up.

When we are calm despite our problems, the others will also learn from us hopefully.

It is annoying for other applicants who try to be calm despite hunger, heat and lost time.

She used hypnotherapy and a birth pool, and sounds very calm despite labouring for many hours.

When the person you are dealing with sees that you are calm despite whatever they have done, you will start getting their attention in a positive way.

The vulture is said vĩ đại have simply jumped atop the toilet seat where it remained quite calm despite the frantic cries of the principal as she raised an alarm.

In 1% of cases calm like is used

When there is calm like this there are no harmful consequences.

Do things in front of the float that are calm like picking up the horse’s feet or doing some grooming.

Although he seemed different with his gestures; he had the muscles of a model, he seemed so calm like the event was his and everything was going according vĩ đại plan.

In 1% of cases calm by is used

Wallace was already calmer by then.

The old voices were somewhat calmer by then.

Interestingly enough, I find this has made her calmer by being near u when we pass someone.

In 1% of cases calm over is used

He has become calmer over the years and I think art has played an important role in his life.

Believe u, you have no reason to be calm over the next four years unless you were comfortable the last four (although the next four are likely vĩ đại be worse).

In 1% of cases calm through is used

The situation was calm through Monday.

I was calm through the whole incident and did not use offensive language.

However, Ghanaians as peaceful as we are remained very calm through out till the final dawn.

I remained pretty calm through the ordeal on the surface level, but in reality, I was fearing for my life as the building rocked and swayed for what it seemed lượt thích an eternity.

In 1% of cases calm to is used

My heart was racing, but I was calm to everyone else.

This can vary from being calm to becoming aggressive and appearing unable vĩ đại cope.

The clouds are forever changing? from being lượt thích a mirror when all is calm to rolling waves when the wind is strong.

A diagnosis of schizophrenia does not mean ‘ split personality ‘, or indicate that someone will swing wildly from being calm to being out of control.

It’s not true that schizophrenia means ‘ split personality ‘ or that someone with this diagnosis will swing wildly from being calm to being out of control.

In 1% of cases calm unto is used

Then said they unto him, what shall we bởi unto thee, that the sea may be calm unto us? For the sea wrought, and was tempestuous.

In 1% of cases calm without is used

The road was calm without much traffic.

It is solitude without the suggestion of intervention; it is calm without a single irrelevant murmur.

Life support was switched off at around midnight and Philip looked calmer without the intrusive tubes.

The process of dying is an opportunity for spiritual liberation if one’s mind is calm without any pain and clinging.

However, if this period is calm without much Santa Ana wind activity and very little rain, then I think that spells trouble ahead.

Cough and Runny Nose If your baby’s breathing is calm without wheezing and there are no other serious symptoms, you can try some home remedies.