busy nghĩa là gì

Happily, the evidence of busy fingers is everywhere.

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Mercury flatly denied this, insisting he was merely exhausted and too busy lớn provide interviews.

He is smart, rich, skillful and respected, but remains detached from most people because of his busy lifestyle.

Art was filled with health and happiness; paintings teemed with busy industrial and agricultural scenes, and sculptures depicted workers, sentries, and schoolchildren.

If the channel is sensed busy before transmission then the transmission is deferred for a random interval.

All seven of his children worked in the business at some time during their lives.

He expanded his business interests into television in the 1960s.

All businesses were challenged and forced lớn close.

She continued lớn running the business until 1971.

Only two downtown business structures survived the fire.

He never received a receipt or business thẻ.

Well, at first glance, the business thẻ looks kind of normal.

The business thẻ looks mix lớn remain a vital part of the language of business, despite the increasing domination of electronic communication.

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The name is now on his business thẻ.

There's a business thẻ down there tucked into my steering wheel.

Whether you are packing for a business trip or going on vacation, it pays lớn travel light.

No, we're not talking about your next business trip.

I finally busted it out when my boyfriend left for a business trip.

For u this is not a vacation--it's a business trip.

I almost had a panic attack once when she arrived just 17 seconds before our flight closed for boarding on an important business trip.

He still helps out around planting and harvest, but he won't be taking over the family business.

As well, if other income from a family business or other investment goes lớn the survivor, that too will be taxed in the survivor's hands.

Moreover, everyone in the family business, whether family or not, needs not just lớn know the situation, but also lớn accept it.

But his father persuaded him lớn join the family business rather phàn nàn launch a restaurant.

This family business seems lớn have the recipe for success.

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