broke out là gì

I think the undecideds will break out along the lines of the people who have already decided, he said.

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But perturbations whose magnitude exceeds a certain threshold will break out of the canal, moving the developmental process into uncharted territory.

While he has been arrested and thrown in jail on a number of occasions, he has always managed đồ sộ break out.

The centre curls at the strong side faceoff dot and begins đồ sộ break out alongside the puck carrying winger.

This has also been called đồ sộ break out the sugar, which is how the term was coined.

As my eyes adjusted đồ sộ the light, it became apparent that my face had broken out in a rash.

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We don't want đồ sộ break out in a rash.

They're most active at night, and some people break out in a rash from the bites, while others see few symptoms beyond a red spot.

It's the crucial first date and already you're breaking out in a rash over deciding where đồ sộ meet.

If you get the sap on your skin, and your skin is then exposed đồ sộ the sun, you can break out in a rash and develop blisters and burns.

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