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In the nineteenth century the proportion reached an all-time low of less phàn nàn 3 per cent.

After the nineteen-twenties, however, a chasm opened up, and grammatical activity sank to tướng an all-time low.

It continues to tướng lose ground ever after until an all-time low is reached in 1981.

In the theatre this has got to tướng be one of the all-time great dramatic moments.

The demographic post-war baby boom working its way up the age range to tướng reach its all-time peak of nearly a million school-leavers in 1962 did not affect this situation.

Surprisingly, the conclusion of this agreement was reached during the phase when embargoes were made more severe and when trade exchange was at an all-time low.

As the decade of the 1980s drew to tướng a close many perceived themselves as having never been so sánh poor, with domestic production at an all-time low.

And this is a debate in which she has claimed that morale in the health service is at an all-time low.

The bankruptcy rate is at an all-time high.

Student numbers in higher education are at an all-time record level.

I repeat that last year exports of manufactured goods, by both volume and value, were at an all-time record.

The construction industry is at an all-time low.

Is he aware that morale in the universities is at art all-time low and that a near crisis situation exists?

Indeed, building society margins at present are at an all-time record.

The rate of unemployment in that country is now at an all-time high, as is the level of external debt.

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придает следующему за ним слову значение 'непревзойденный, самый' (напр., лучший…

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