afraid là gì

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afraid adjective (FEARFUL)

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I’ve always been afraid of heights.

Dad’s afraid I’ll kết thúc up lượt thích my cousin.

He’s not afraid of losing.

afraid adjective (FEELING REGRET)

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Các ví dụ của afraid


They winced under their wry faces, afraid to lớn stand and afraid to lớn lập cập away.

Of course, people were afraid to lớn talk out loud.

Instead of being afraid, the curious nature of children incites them to lớn play.

He told má that he wasn't afraid of death, only the process of getting there, because in the absence of life, there is no experience.

Nino is not merely afraid; he is incompetent.

They are not afraid to lớn risk ridicule in the pursuit of true representation.

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How tự we avoid going wrong because we think we understand or because we are afraid we might not?

Why are you afraid of a nuclear attack?

I am afraid, however, that many potential readers will be deterred by the style of its presentation.

We should not be afraid to lớn test these new data and concepts.

Apart from physical dangers (falls, scalds, and ví on), being ' at trang chủ ' may mean being lonely, isolated and afraid.

Both were afraid not only of alienating allies, but also of vagrancy and chaos within their domains.

He even offered her a piece of land, she says, which she declined because she was afraid it would cause trouble in the family.

I think he was afraid what he might pass on to lớn you.

Until then, some of them had expressed their criticism in secret, afraid of being labelled as enemies of the state.

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