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However, these are subjective views, although actionable rules must be reliable in the sense that they can be acted upon.

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The most valuable discovered patterns are those that are actionable and unexpected.

Therefore, good governance and democracy coincide here: no good governance without democracy is actionable and vice versa.

Deep knowledge (the understanding of complex rules) and 'wisdom' (the actionable understanding of meta-level principles), which characterize experts often take a tacit size.

The survey design emphasized face validity in order to tướng provide actionable information to tướng health care providers.

Second, the final chapter presents ' mid-level policy recommendations ' which are neither mid-level nor genuinely actionable.

The story is intended to tướng highlight that an interesting pattern must also be actionable or useful to tướng be valuable.

For example, the obligation to tướng refrain from discriminatory behavior is a significant obligation, since failure to tướng satisfy it is actionable under the law.

Furthermore, other obligations are such that meeting them is actionable under the law.

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The opening of such windows is not actionable, but the remedy is by obstructing them, which may lawfully be done.

Failing to tướng satisfy the obligation to tướng refrain from harassment, for example, is actionable regardless of whether the harassment itself is verbal.

A pattern is unexpected if it surprises the user and actionable if the user can act on this new information.

We may believe that refusing to tướng hire on trương mục of race is wrong and actionable irrespective of effects.

Operations at the equipment level are the manipulation of actionable equipment items such as valves and pumps.

Since the group's task was to tướng produce a joint, actionable strategy, this raised a question mark over the value of the putative collaboration.

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